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Psalms 107:10, 13, 16

Such as sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, being bound in affliction and iron

Then they cried unto the Lord in their trouble, and he saved them out of their distresses.  For He hath broken the gates of brass, and cut the bars of iron in sunder.

Dont know how many reading this has ever been in jail or prison.  I have visited people in jail, I now am part of a women's jail ministry.  As I have gone in and heard those doors shut behind me, I have always thought about how I would have survived if I had ben put bvehind those doors.  What a lonely feeling, depressed feeling knowing that I couldnt just walk out when I wanted. 

I have watched the heart broken women cry over mistakes, wonder how they ever got there, missing their children, theur families.

But then I think that in reality those iron prison walls arent any different than the walls of addiction.  The addictions and habits that have us bound up in chains makes a person feel just like they are in shackles in prison.

But there is a promise in Psalms that they cried out to their Lord and He delivered them.  God is the answer to your addictions, your troubles, your hurts and your hang ups.  

When the walls are closing in, when you feel there is no way out of the bondage...reach out and touch the hem of His garment.  His power will will come over you and His response will be, "my son, my daughter, let me be your Saviour,  your answer to all your hurts.

Jesus loves you no matter where you have been or what you have done.

We love you too

Did you ever feel God was desiring to do a huge move in your life and you just couldn't see His direction or His end picture?  We didn't see the how, means, or why would He want me there?

That's how I felt back in 2006, when Randy told me that he felt we needed to pack up our house in Beaufort and move to Virginia.   Yeah right, um no.  I did not want to move, did not want to leave our kids, my only grandchild at that point, my Emily.  I thought he was crazy.  But Randy felt that God was calling us here and as much as I fought it, I knew that I needed to be supportive if Randy felt this was from God.

So here we are 10 years later.  We started at The Laurels and all these years later, DASH is almost into its 3rd full year of ministry.

Had I not followed what Randy knew was God's calling on our lives, we would have missed out on so many blessings.  There are so many people that God has brought into our lives.  We would have never witnessed God's work in the lives of so many people.  It is never by any of our works that we saw chains of addiction were broken in many people who are now our brothers and sisters.  

The Bible talks about the stories of the followers of Jesus.  He met them where they were, He met them in all their sin, just as He met me.  But He tells us we need to leave all, give all, be fully committed to Him.  Jer 29:11 says, For I know the plans I have for you, never to harm us. 

God knows what His plan is for us, He knows who He will bring into our lives, He knows every move that need to be made to get us there.....His blessings are along that journey.  But the question is....c'mon don't you want to move?  Obedience requires our full commitment to God, not just when we feel like it, not just when it's convenient.  

C'mon take His offer,  take His path that He has just for you, just for your life.  His Son sacrificed His life for you so that you would accept His free salvation, you would have God's mercy and grace.  But when realize that Jesus is the way, the life and the truth you will want to make that move to follow Him.  His blessings are awaiting you.  

C'mon make that move, share your story, share Jesus with everyone you meet.  Someone's eternity depends on it.


A few years ago, Randy and I were in Mt Airy with our friends Rocky and Gail Smith.  As we were walking up the street we passed a vendor with pictures he had done.

There was one picture that caught our attention, it was called Forgiveness.  It is a picture of the Centurion kneeling at the foot of the cross where Jesus had been hung.  The Centurion is kneeling with his hand touching the cross and the figure of Jesus is touching his shoulder.

When the artist was telling us about the picture, he said his daughter looked at it and said, "Daddy, those are your hands."  See as he drew the picture he drew his hands onto the centurion's arms.  He said it was to remind him that he put those nails in Jesus ' hands and feet because he is a sinner saved by that display of love on that cross many years ago.

That story is so telling.  We sometimes fail to remember that our sins were what Jesus went to the cross for so that we would be forgiven.  Jesus took on every one of my sins and yours on that cross that day.  So in essence we put the nails in His hands and feet.

But the title of the picture says it all, Forgiveness.   Jesus knew all those years ago on this night that the next day He would be beaten, spit on, berated,  hated and crucified on a cross.  He knew that all these years later, he would be hated, he would be the reason people are persecuted,  the reason people get killed, the reason that His children are attacked for believing in Him.  

But Jesus still loved us enough to take on the cross.  He knew many people that came after Him would reject Him.  But he wanted us to have the free will to accept Him into our hearts and to.know true forgiveness that can come only from God.

As we go into Good Friday remember the Son of God who came to give His life for you and I to die on a cruel cross because His love is agape love, th only real love of God.

If you don't have a relationship with Jesus, make today the day.  He knew you were worth His sacrifice.

Well it's in the books.  Another outreach at Bristol and God showed His power and that His work would be accomplished no matter what.

The crew that showed up Thursday night to put up The stage was so helpful.  Had the stage up here in record time, 2 hours.  Thanks to Brad Farmer, Danny Feathers from Covenant Bikers for Christ and Andy Salmons from the Mountain Movers chapter of Heavens Saints, Laban Farmer and the group from Parkway Weslyan Church.

The weather was so up in the air Friday and Saturday.  But we were all praying that we would get the concerts in.  What entertainment we had with The Jess Zimmerman Band, Audra Mcglocklin, and Levi Riggs.  All Christian folks who have such a desire to see the lost find a relationship with Jesus.

Friday afternoon it looked like we were going to have the rain.  But we watched the storm basically split around us.  Watched as the lightning went around us..concert on and complete.

Saturday, we knew the weather looked even worse.  The storms and rain were coming straight at us.  But we knew God was at work and Steve would be able to share the gospel.  We were not giving up.  

The gospel was shared, 10 lives were changed for eternity.  Outreach a success.

So blessed that Randy and I had the divine appointment with Steve and Luke 4 years ago.  What a blessing it is every year to work with them and their crew.

Mark your calendar for next year to come and serve the Lord in a unique outreach. You will be blessed.

Most people have goals or agendas that they want to do to accomplish something that means alot to them.

We can get caught up in small details that don't matter, we can get too focused on the end goal, we can miss the mark all together. 

Almost 4 years ago, Randy and I stepped out in faith because we felt God was calling us into this ministry full time.  Anyone who knows us realizes that full time to us is still working full time jobs,  going to meetings, going to services, taking phone calls at all times of the day or night.  This ministry has been nothing but a blessing. 

We have tried to do different things to raise funding for us to stay on the road and share Jesus as much as we can.  We set up a festivals and try to do what we can.  But last week before we went to The Redbud Festival, Randy  and I had some long conversations about our focus.  Our focus only needs to be on lost souls, folks caught up in addictions looking for an answer.  God blesses His children as they share His love, grace, forgiveness.  God does not want to see anyone go to hell.  So we prayed for God to just use us on Saturday,  whether we sold a dollars worth of jewelry.   Our focus needed to get back on the lost.

But it's up to all of us who are believers to be out there in the highways and hedges sharing with every person we meet about this man named Jesus.  Holy week is probably the most important week in the life of a Christian.  This is the week that Jesus came into Jerusalem smiling and expecting.   He knew the same people who cheered as He came Into town would be the same people who would cry for His crucifixion.   But Jesus never lost sight of the final goal, never lost sight of the final moment that His love and sacrifice would save mankind.  

When the things of this world start to affect your focus on what we should be doing for the Kingdom of God, stop, sit doen, pray and talk to God for redirection to what His purpose is for you and your life.