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As we are coming into what I believe is the end times, I see so much pain, hurt, trials, anxiety, depression....the list just goes on and on.

I think back to my childhood and I know we as a family were taught to pray, taught to take all our needs to God in prayer.  Along those lines, I also had to learn that many times our prayers don't get answered right away or the answers are not at all as we wanted.

But from my childhood into adulthood there was one thing about prayers and praying that I will always treasure.  I honestly feel in my heart that my Dad, Frank Ehrhart, could pray from his heart like no one I really don't think I have ever heard.  In all his prayers, he always prayed for each of his kids.  Then as family got added through marriage,  they got added into his prayers.  Then came the grandkids and his prayers just continued.  

As a farmer, he would pray for the rain to come when it was needed.  He would pray for the harvest to be good.

I can hear him praying as my mom went through her cancer.  I believe he prayed so intently for her that her healing came.  When Judy had to have a bone marrow transplant about 16 years ago, he began to pray for God to provide a match for the bone marrow that would be perfect for her to heal.  When they tested all us kids, Barb was almost an identical match to Judy.  I believe Dad reached the very throne of Heaven with his prayers for her during those times.  His prayes for Frank Jr, Betty, Karen, Barb and I for anything going on were all so intensely felt.  We all learned when anything was going on, we wanted Dad to pray. 

But in each of all those prayers for health issues, divorce, financial issues, farm issues...the most important prayer he prayed for all of us, our spouses and grandchildren was that we all would find a relationship with Jesus.   He always said he didn't want to go home to Heaven until he knew where we all stood with God. 

I treasure all those prayers he gave us and so many times lately, I wish I could have him here to pray for things going on.  But I believe with my heart, he is still advocating at the throne of God for our needs, our hurts, but most of all still that we all find Jesus.

I love you  Dad and will always know that I was blessed with a Godly Dad who prayed everyday for his children.

I have been blessed.