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So, last weekend I fell and broke my wrist.  Had surgery on Wednesday this week and got a plate and 7 screws.  Ugh, not how I wanted to go into fall.

But the day I fell, we were at Clintwood's Recoveryfest 2016.  They had,asked Randy and,I to come and speak.  You know that day, I had Randy there as far as family and a couple friends who help out with DASH.  Steve Ray and,Lloyd,Sheets were there to support this group who have been working hard to  get through recovery.

There were some friends we had met through the ministry and some we hadnt.  But what was so important to me was the love,and concern I felt that day as I laid there on the ground.  Some of these folks were in a really bad place when we met them.  Their families,and friends had become tired of dealing with them and their,addictions and were tired of being hurt by them.

But when we meet folks in this ministry, our main goal is to show them love, to show them that God loves them regardless of where they have been or what they have done.  My day was made even as I laid there in pain knowing that we had made,an impact somehow in their lives.  My heart beamed to see those who have found recovery and,are making new ,lives for themselves.  As they stood around us,waiting for the ambulance, I felt their care,and concern.  I am blessed by those God has brought into our path if this ministry.  I pray for all of them to find a,relationship with Jesus Christ  and to find a life in recovery.

I love you all that read this and I pray for you all every day.  I pray that you know if Randy and I can ever be of help or support to you, that you contact us.

Have,a,great weekend.