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This past month has been a real eye opening time.

Do you believe in God's timing?   Do you think things happen by coincidence?  God shows up in a big way when we allow Him to be in control.

Randy had not worked from April until September.  Unemployment was what we dealt with, oh ugh.  I hate dealing with the government and all their red tape.  But God took care of us.  At first Randy spent alot of times just sitting in the house.  Really got on his nerves.  Then he started to go fishing.   He had a young man that he works with that went with him.  This young man doesn't have a relationship with God.  But God used this time for many conversations about God and who He is to Randy.

Randy got to go to Revival in June with Rocky and Gail and the whole week and circumstances all pointed that God intended Randy to be there.   He got to get extra time at The Laurels and extra time of ministry with folks pointing them toward God who breaks the f chains of addiction. 

He went back to work Sept 14 working 8 days coming home for 6.  He came home Sept 22 and then on September 24th things went out the window again .  I was supposed to speak at Recoveryfest and I ended falling and breaking my wrist.  Now out of work for 6 weeks after surgery.

I questioned God a few times since then, why?  Why did I have to get hurt now, how can we afford all these doctor and hospital costs?  But then I look at the timing of it all.  God had Randy back at work full time before I fell.  He worked all things out.  I think I may have needed some quiet time to be with God in fellowship.   But I also learned that God puts people in our lives that are there to help us and encourage us even when others we always thought were our encouragement were not.  People who have blessed our ministry so much in the past year, checked on me  more than so many others I felt were family and friends.  I have had alot of times to sit back and see God working on alot of situations.  God is on the move in my life, changing me in some ways.  

With Randy out of town, God is showing me how precious Randy is in  my life.  He is using Randy as an example to those he works with that he lives his life just as he shows it through the ministry.  He really lives his faith and he is an example of a man changed by a God who loves us all amid all our flaws and failures.  

God's timing is not what we understand at times, it is not for us to understand.   We are just asked to have the faith in God to follow His path and His direction.  Make choices based on what He shows us.

God is always faithful, always with us, never forsaking us