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Randy and I went down to Gatlinburg today and looked around at all the devestation that was caused by the fires late 2015.  It was so sad to see the homes, the businesses that were gone.  So many families have made memories in these places.  And then you think of all the loss of life.

But what was really strange was seeing one house or business leveled and the business or house beside it or across the street with nothing more than smoke damage.   It was amazing to see how the fires almost just picked and chose it's victim.

But you know satan works in the same way.  Everyone has different addictions,  everyone has a battle.  One person will battle with prescription drugs, alcohol, meth or whatever.  But he knows what to throw at you.  But that same tactic may not work with your spouse, your Co worker, your friend.  He knows what  button he can push on you to try and trip you up, to try and destroy you.

But just as with the fire,  God protects those that are His children.  He puts a wall of protection around us, He gives us the armor to protect us.  But we have to do our part.  Stay on the word of God, fellowship with fellow believers, stay in prayer.  

When you feel the fire burning around you from satan's attacks, get on your knees, cry out to Jesus.  He will be your wall of protection from the adversary.