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This world is getting to be so much anti Christian.  We seem to offend everyone around us because of our beliefs and faith.  

The Bible tells us that we will be persecuted for our beliefs,  but every day we are seeing more and more of our privileges and rights taken away.  I have always had a Christian calendar on my desk at work, had scripture cards there to give to someone who I think needs encouragement. 

We wear Christian shirts at times, listen to Christian music,but it doesn't mean we aren't still humam and that we don't stI'll say things we shouldn't or think things we shouldn't.   But folks can still have issues with the way we live our lives.  We don't force our faith on anyone,  but we pray that by our example that someone may fund a relationship with God through us.

We are coming up on Bristol Race Weekend with Victory Tour and we tell the volunteers to not bring or wear Christian shirts or jackets, don't bring tracts to hand out, etc.  We are hahanging out with many people who don't have a relationship with God and we are trying to just get them into a concert where the gospel message is given and offered.  Many people who will come to the concerts don't attend church, don't want anything to do with Christianity, but we try to show them that we as Christians can still have fun, we can still laugh, etc.

Don't put God in a box , just show the love of Jesus any way that you can, any way you feel compelled to do so.  God will bless your efforts.