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What if?  How many times have you said this before?  I got to say countless probably for me.  

There is a new song out from Mercy Me, called "What if".  Really hit me hard coming home tonight because it talks about being on a stage and sharing with folks not to lose hope even when we may feel we are losing hope.

So many times I have listened to people make remarks about people that are Christians that their lives must be perfect because they are saved.  Never understood why people think after we get saved that our lives are going to be rosy, pain free, no problems.  .   So untrue.  Once we accept Jesus, satan boosts up his attacks, tries so much harder to trip us up.  

We have those moments where we feel broken, we feel we can't go on, beaten down.  But what if, in those moments we stood on all the promises of God.  What if we got on our knees and prayed till we couldn't pray anymore?  What if on the midst of the spiritual battle, we put on the armor of God as our Bibles teach us to do.  

What if, what if, what if?  Oh how different all those situations would be if we just let go and let God?  We have the answer to all those who are searching for the hope they need to get through the day.  The physician they need to heal their bodies, the provider when we can't see the end of the tunnel with financial needs.  The answer to someone who is feeling suicidal, and wanting to give it all up.

What if tomorrow you shared Jesus with everyone you come into contact with?  Life just may become more hopeful,  more worth the living.