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This past month has been a real eye opening time.

Do you believe in God's timing?   Do you think things happen by coincidence?  God shows up in a big way when we allow Him to be in control.

Randy had not worked from April until September.  Unemployment was what we dealt with, oh ugh.  I hate dealing with the government and all their red tape.  But God took care of us.  At first Randy spent alot of times just sitting in the house.  Really got on his nerves.  Then he started to go fishing.   He had a young man that he works with that went with him.  This young man doesn't have a relationship with God.  But God used this time for many conversations about God and who He is to Randy.

Randy got to go to Revival in June with Rocky and Gail and the whole week and circumstances all pointed that God intended Randy to be there.   He got to get extra time at The Laurels and extra time of ministry with folks pointing them toward God who breaks the f chains of addiction. 

He went back to work Sept 14 working 8 days coming home for 6.  He came home Sept 22 and then on September 24th things went out the window again .  I was supposed to speak at Recoveryfest and I ended falling and breaking my wrist.  Now out of work for 6 weeks after surgery.

I questioned God a few times since then, why?  Why did I have to get hurt now, how can we afford all these doctor and hospital costs?  But then I look at the timing of it all.  God had Randy back at work full time before I fell.  He worked all things out.  I think I may have needed some quiet time to be with God in fellowship.   But I also learned that God puts people in our lives that are there to help us and encourage us even when others we always thought were our encouragement were not.  People who have blessed our ministry so much in the past year, checked on me  more than so many others I felt were family and friends.  I have had alot of times to sit back and see God working on alot of situations.  God is on the move in my life, changing me in some ways.  

With Randy out of town, God is showing me how precious Randy is in  my life.  He is using Randy as an example to those he works with that he lives his life just as he shows it through the ministry.  He really lives his faith and he is an example of a man changed by a God who loves us all amid all our flaws and failures.  

God's timing is not what we understand at times, it is not for us to understand.   We are just asked to have the faith in God to follow His path and His direction.  Make choices based on what He shows us.

God is always faithful, always with us, never forsaking us 


So, last weekend I fell and broke my wrist.  Had surgery on Wednesday this week and got a plate and 7 screws.  Ugh, not how I wanted to go into fall.

But the day I fell, we were at Clintwood's Recoveryfest 2016.  They had,asked Randy and,I to come and speak.  You know that day, I had Randy there as far as family and a couple friends who help out with DASH.  Steve Ray and,Lloyd,Sheets were there to support this group who have been working hard to  get through recovery.

There were some friends we had met through the ministry and some we hadnt.  But what was so important to me was the love,and concern I felt that day as I laid there on the ground.  Some of these folks were in a really bad place when we met them.  Their families,and friends had become tired of dealing with them and their,addictions and were tired of being hurt by them.

But when we meet folks in this ministry, our main goal is to show them love, to show them that God loves them regardless of where they have been or what they have done.  My day was made even as I laid there in pain knowing that we had made,an impact somehow in their lives.  My heart beamed to see those who have found recovery and,are making new ,lives for themselves.  As they stood around us,waiting for the ambulance, I felt their care,and concern.  I am blessed by those God has brought into our path if this ministry.  I pray for all of them to find a,relationship with Jesus Christ  and to find a life in recovery.

I love you all that read this and I pray for you all every day.  I pray that you know if Randy and I can ever be of help or support to you, that you contact us.

Have,a,great weekend. 

What a few weeks we have had.  God has brought so many new people into our lives from so many different directions.  We have become united with 4 different motorcycle ministries and we have had one united vision from God.  Many times we have talked about how great it would be to have a Biker church in this area, but knew that it takes a crew to be able to do it.  

God has shown us a building in Meadowview with reasonable monthly cost.  As we stood up at the Night of Hope in Meadowview last night, there were a few of us who had conversations with several people that we shared our vision.  These folks said if you start a church where the judgements are outside the door, a place where my tattoos don't matter, we will be there.  

So many folks have been hurt in church or just don't feel comfortable in a traditional church.  Well Jesus said in the Bible "to come as we are."  People need to know that there is a place where they can come  and bring all their hurts, all their issues and know that arms will be wrapped around them, prayers will be lifted, no judgement of where they have been or what they have done.  Many churches these days want those who come to be cleaned up before they come in the door to find Jesus.  

We are all uniting in prayer over this and know that God will provide the place, the musicians, the speakers and singers to bring this vision together.   

GOD is on the move here in this area.....Be prepared to help, support and encourage this church to come together.

As we are coming into what I believe is the end times, I see so much pain, hurt, trials, anxiety, depression....the list just goes on and on.

I think back to my childhood and I know we as a family were taught to pray, taught to take all our needs to God in prayer.  Along those lines, I also had to learn that many times our prayers don't get answered right away or the answers are not at all as we wanted.

But from my childhood into adulthood there was one thing about prayers and praying that I will always treasure.  I honestly feel in my heart that my Dad, Frank Ehrhart, could pray from his heart like no one I really don't think I have ever heard.  In all his prayers, he always prayed for each of his kids.  Then as family got added through marriage,  they got added into his prayers.  Then came the grandkids and his prayers just continued.  

As a farmer, he would pray for the rain to come when it was needed.  He would pray for the harvest to be good.

I can hear him praying as my mom went through her cancer.  I believe he prayed so intently for her that her healing came.  When Judy had to have a bone marrow transplant about 16 years ago, he began to pray for God to provide a match for the bone marrow that would be perfect for her to heal.  When they tested all us kids, Barb was almost an identical match to Judy.  I believe Dad reached the very throne of Heaven with his prayers for her during those times.  His prayes for Frank Jr, Betty, Karen, Barb and I for anything going on were all so intensely felt.  We all learned when anything was going on, we wanted Dad to pray. 

But in each of all those prayers for health issues, divorce, financial issues, farm issues...the most important prayer he prayed for all of us, our spouses and grandchildren was that we all would find a relationship with Jesus.   He always said he didn't want to go home to Heaven until he knew where we all stood with God. 

I treasure all those prayers he gave us and so many times lately, I wish I could have him here to pray for things going on.  But I believe with my heart, he is still advocating at the throne of God for our needs, our hurts, but most of all still that we all find Jesus.

I love you  Dad and will always know that I was blessed with a Godly Dad who prayed everyday for his children.

I have been blessed.


For the past few weeks, we have been able to have the opportunity to meet with several local police departments to have prayer with them and show them our appreciation for the sacrifice they give for our safety.

We have been to Abingdon, Bristol, VA, Bristol, TN, Sullivan County and this morning to Lebanon and Russell County.

What a blessing this has been for us and all the officers have been appreciative for the prayers and encouragement. 

See they sacrifice their lives every day because they never know who they will meet or what circumstance they will come upon every day.  These days people are just losing their minds and taking out their aggressons on officers.   People are taking them down in their words and lack of respect every day.

They sacrifice, but there was a man who came to earth over 2000 years ago, who truly sacrificed His life for all of us.  He took on our sins, our hurts, our hangups so that we had a bridge between this,life and eternity.  If you don't have a relationship with Jesus Christ today needs to be the day.  We never know what tomorrow will bring.

Love you all.  Remember. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  God don't make junk.