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So last Saturday after months of planning, working, praying the Ride to Recovery came together at 9am.

I had been telling Randy for the last couple of weeks that I felt God was going to wow us, overwhelm us.  So at 8 am we are standing in the parking lot.  We started to hear bikes coming from all directions, sometimes 1 bike, sometimes 3 or 4 at a time.  Old friends came, new friends came, from alot of different places.  

Covenant Fellowship and the Covenant Bikers for Christ put on a great breakfast feast as always.  The bikes still kept coming.  I tried to hold back my tears as I saw the promise I knew God gave me was coming together.  

We had 80 bikes, 3 dune buggies and probably about 100 people.  God gave us a beautiful day to ride and put a hedge of protection around us all as we rode.  We rode through so much of God's creation, you could hardly absorb it.

God blessed DASH Ministry and Tri Cities Recovery more than we ever imagined.   Why are we amazed when He shows up big time, shows His will for His children?  The Bible tells us that what we have not, because we ask not.  God wants us to have the desires of our heart when those desires will bring God glory.   

I don't think we could ever give God enough glory for what He did on Saturday,  but I can't wait to see what He does next.  

Tell God your dreams, tell Him your desires.  Are you putting Him first in those plans so that He is glorified?   If so, e prepared cause He is going to WOW you.

Randy had a phone call this week from a friend we met at The Cove, EJ.   Love this man and his wife and their passion for sharing Jesus.

Randy hasn't been working steady for the last couple of months but God has provided and taken care of us.  Randy has been going fishing with a friend and other days he is on the phone all day with calls from people that we have met through this ministry.

That was the case on Wednesday when EJ called.  Randy had been  on  the phone all day up to that point talking with different people.  EJ and Randy talked for a long time and talked about what Randy had been doing and what he really "wants" to do.  Now EJ had no clue where I worked or what my job was at the beginning of this conversation.  

EJ told Randy that he could see and hear the passion and our hearts for this ministry and those who are caught up in addiction through our conversations at The Cove.  He said, but your wife doesn't need to leave her job yet because she has a ministry at her job. WOW, Randy said well she does because where she works she gets to pray with people who may have gotten some harsh health issues that they just found out about.

But then EJ said, "so Randy what do you want to be doing? "  And of course, Randy said I would love to be doing this ministry and be on the streets every day, going to court if someone needs some encouragement,  etc.  EJ said, "does Jesus  know that's what you want to do?" and Randy said, "well I am sure He does."  EJ said, "but have you told Him that?" .  He told Randy, "every day when you get up to start your day, tell Jesus...I want to work for Jesus."  He said, yes He knows your heart, but we are to tell Him the desires of our hearts.

So it has made me do alot of thinking since then.  We are to tell Him the desires of our hearts, tell God where your passion is at.  Yes He's already knows, but tell Him every day.  

I believe God has such a plan ahead for DASH that we can't even begin to jmagine.  But that's why we have to have the faith that moves mountains to continue to take steps in front of us to keep reaching out to the lost folks in this world, especially caught up in the webs of addiction. 

So, Have you told Jesus what your hearts desire is, do you tell Him every day?  Keep your fork, the best is yet to come.

Well The Cove week and our training is behind us.  What a week we have had.  Peace takes over as soon as we drove through the gate......

Our classes this week was about group crisis intervention.  As we went through the training,  we realize it is alot of what we already do.  

But oh the people that God placed into our paths this week.  So many of those we met have children or loved ones that are caught up in chains of addiction.  We were able to minister to them and pray with them for their loved ones and hopefully give them encouragement.   

We met a young man who lived in the same area where Randy was last week in revival in Ohio.  He is involved in a church plant in Tazewell County.  Wow....God just placed him in our paths so we could hopefully be able to help them in any way we could when they get here.  Gave another couple a list of faith based rehabs that they could share with their niece.  

The messages we heard from the ministers who came were so encouraging.   I have so much more to write, because I really want to share with anyone who reads these blogs the story of how God provided for us to get to The Cove.

What a blessing this week has been.


As I sit here tonight my heart is just breaking as one of my dearest friends is battling stage 4 lung cancer.   Remee Liggitt has been in this same battle a couple of times before.  

I will never forget the day that I met her.  Randy and I went to Shell Point Baptist Church for Brandon's baptism.  At that point Randy was not saved.  Remee was up singing in the choir during church.  As soon as church was over, this woman made a beeline to me at the back of the church.  She smiled and welcomed me with such open arms.  I knew that day I had found a church that I felt good in.  I kept going back to the church even though Randy didn't go with him because I was feeling so at home.  Not long after that, Randy got saved and he went to the alter at Shell Point to tell God that he needed him to take away his alcoholism.

Don and Remee took us in as their own children.  We were in Sunday school together and I can remember how we used to do our once a month Saturday prayer nights.  We would go to someone's house, we all brought finger foods and fellowshipped.  Many nights of laughter, many nights of tears.   We were such a close-knit group that we shared everything with each other and knew it was always in confidence.  

I will never forget the night we called to share that the lawsuit we had been battling in has been settled.  Remee's praises to the Lord and screams of Hallelujah will always echo in my mind.

Don and, Remee then kept sharing with us about the CMA and how much we needed to join it.  They are the reason we got involved in motorcycle ministry which I firmly believe was God's way of preparing us this ministry we now call DASH.  

When Randy and I told Don and Remee that we were moving to Virginia, I will never forget the look on Remee's face.  We talked about it , cried about it, prayed about it.  

We were talking about the time Randy got his ear pierced.  Remee sat across the room as Randy kept to mention her by touching his ear,  till she finally got up and ran across the room.  She said, "Son what have you done?"  We laughed and laughed.

I could write on here for days about my friend, my sister in Christ Remee for days.  But I could never say enough.  I could never tell her how much I respected her and admired her for her steadfast faith.  In all of her sickness, she has always told me, she was okay, cause God was going to heal her.

I just want to say thank you to my mentor who always tried to see the good in everyone.  Remee always showed my children love and loved on my grandbabies.  

God puts people in our lives that will make an imprint on our hearts and lives that will impact us till we die, this is what Remee has been to me.  A Mom to me after my Mom went home to Heaven, a friend, a prayer warrior, my hero.

I thank God for allowing me to have had Remee in my life.  My life will never be the same when God takes her home.  But I can say without a doubt, when that time comes when God calls her home, there will be some shouting in Heaven.  I bet we will even hear Remee herself saying, Glory to God...I have been healed.

Love you Remee



This week has been a week of awe and amazement.  I have always been taught to take all my prayers,and requests to God and know in faith that He will answer them in His timing.  But there have also been prayers that weren't answered and one day I will know why.  

But on Wednesday night I got a request from a girl here in town to see if I could help a friend of hers who was stranded in Delaware.  I told her I really didn't know what I could do, but the point is, what could God do?  I decided to put a post on a fb page called Praying for Tim.  Within 15 minutes, I had a lady in DE willing to go get this girl, give her a place to stay and then a way home.  

A young man is lying in a bed tonight with not alot of chances of survival according to his doctors.  They don't show alot of hope for his life.  But on this same fb page, there are hundreds of people flooding the gates of Heaven for prayers for this young man.  His mother is hurting so much watching her son this way.  Not sure if he has a relationship with Jesus, but my prayers are for a healing, yes, but first and foremost that He knows God, that Jesus is his savior.

God wants us to take all of our burdens and worries to Him.  He wants us to let Him carry our load.  His word promises us that He catches all our tears, He hears every prayer, He loves us so much.  

I love the Lord and I fail Him every day.   I dont read my Bible as I should, i ddont pray as much as I should, am I disobedient to His callings at times.  Yes.  But, God answers the prayers that He knows will be good for me, that will lead me closer to Him.

Does God answer prayers.....Oh yes and yes.  If you have anything that is tearing you apart that to you seems small or something tearing your world apart, take it to Him.  He lover our kneemail.

Love you all