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Ecclesiastes 3:1-2. There is a season for everything, and a time for every activity under Heaven:  a time to give birth and a time to die.

This week has been difficult because we have had a friend who lost her son due to his addictions.  My heart absolutely breaks for Carlene because we all know it's just not natural, it's just not right for our children to die before us.  When our children are born our desires are for our children to live a better life than we have had, more education, more "stuff."  Our first real purpose as parents is to teach them of God and to have fear and admonition of who God is.  Many times our children go down a path that we don't want them to follow.  But if we teach them as they are growing up, the Bible tells us that they will come back to it.

They grow so fast and satan throws everything he can to distract them from the plan that God has for their lives.  He brings substances into their lives sometimes and it just starts them on paths of destruction.  Satan has one steal, thrill and kill each of one God's chosen....God's masterpieces.  

Enjoy your children every day, take in every moment.  But,always remember the most important thing you can do for them is teach them and lead them to Jesus.

There is a season to be born, there is a season to die....make sure they and everyone you meet has a relationship with God before that last breath comes.

For the past couple of weeks, there has been some comments, some accusations going out about Christian character, my Christian walk.  I think it really is sad when we as Christians basically question or attack fellow Christians.

We all have a different path, a different walk, a different way of showing our faith in God.  The Bible tells us that when we are saved, we are a new creature.  The old man is passed away.  The Bible doesn't tell us that when we accept Jesus that we will become perfect, doesn't promise us a perfect life.  We should be growing in our walk every day, we should be more like Christ every day.  

But Jesus said that our purpose is to share the gospel with everyone we meet.  Society will know us by our fruits, by our daily walk every day.  

I make mistakes every day, I fail God every day.  We all still will, because perfection isn't what we can ever be.  

I want to share Jesus with everyone I meet.  I know the church can sometimes make people feel like they are never "good enough" to receive the same mercy and grace that they have received.  

Christians don't need to attack each other, Satan does that on his own through them.  Satan loves to see us attack each other, it makes him happy.  

So yes, I say I am a Christian, I am a work in progress.  I will continue to fail God every day in some way, but I know that His grace and mercy will continue to be available to me.  His blood has covered my sins, my addictions, my failures.

But every day I am continually trying to change my ways, change my thoughts, but I know my desire is to watch others except God and His son so that they can experience that same love, forgiveness,  mercy and grace.

Went to church this morning at Green Valley Baptist.  Darrell Naff's message was about our treasures.  Are you storing up treasures in Heaven or earth.  

There was an post on fb this morning about a young man who passed away last night after being at a party where he ended up with alcohol poisoning.  An er nurse called for the family's pastor to come for the family's comfort.  This particular pastor said he would send someone from the church, but that he had 2 sermons to preach this morning.  How sad.  Where are his treasures being stored, in Heaven for being there for a distraught family or for a church full of members waiting for his sermon. 

Another girl desperately needs a ride to a court date tomorrow.  She is a recovering addict who has suffered breast cancer and a double mastectomy in September.  Has she made mistakes in the past, yes, but she has been living a different life since last year.  She has called many people she knows, many churches, just trying to get someone to drive her to court tomorrow.  Everyone has turned her down.  Its too early, etc.  Well where are these storing up their treasures?

We can't always do everything that people need us to do.  But I really feel God wants us to put ourselves outside of our comfort zones to help people.  When we reach out to help others, God will bless us in so many ways.  His blessings cone from us being selfless, from us being obedient, from us following His plan for our lives.

So where are you storing your treasures?  Do you want God's blessings on your life? 

 What if this was you, what if it was your child?

Well we just got home from our weekend with Steve Wingfield and The Victory Tour weekend gang.  What a blessing this weekend was.

You know God's word tells us to go into All the world and share the gospel .  God has given Steve the vision to reach out to the Nascar family .  As we stay at the campground we get to meet so many people from many different places, many different backgrounds.  We don"t judge them for their drinking, cussing whatever it may be.  God 's word says we are to share Jesus with everyone we meet.  We are to show the same kind of love that Jesus would show to them.  We all do things that don't please God, we all sin every day.  It isn't in our place to judge anyone.  

So we begin to just hang out, play corn hole,  share lunch with them and invite them to the concert where they will hear about God's plan of salvation through Jesus.  

We get the privilege of honoring veterans, first responders, etc with a medal ceremony that just blesses the hearts of everyone.  What a blessing.

Sixty,  yes, sixty people raised their hands for salvation or rededication.  God was moving in the hearts and lives were changed for eternity.  What a blessing to be a part of Bristol Victory Weekend every year.

God is good, I love sharing Jesus with everyone I meet.  Our desire is for people to see Jesus through what we do.  DASH is not about Randy and Wanda.  THIS MINISTRY IS ALL ABOUT GOD.

You know as we continue daily in this ministry, we try to stay busy for the Lord.  Where God opens doors and places for us to go, we do our best to be obedient.  

We aren't always sure how we are going to do what He tells us, but we stand in amazement every time when things always come together.  Why is it that we as Christians know that God has given us promises that He will never leave us or forsake us?  

DASH is hosting classes on Tuesday nights in Lebanon for those on the other side of addictions,  the families and friends.  We have had 1 person three of those weeks, 3 people on one night.  Are we going to stop the classes because of the attendance, no, because God has told us to start them.  He will add to these classes, we really feel He will, because He told us to go.

Yesterday we traveled to Rockwood, TN for a festival we have been invited to for 3 years.  We don't see alot of movement in people, but we always have such a good time.  We don't see alot of financial backing, but yesterday a new friend blessed us with a gift that was exactly what we needed.

Coincidence?  No, our God is our provider, our God is our strength.  Things don't happen by chance, things don't happen by coincidence.   Things happen when we follow God's leading, when we are obedient to His call.  His timing is perfect, His timing is Right on Time.  

When you are in need, when you are feeling lost, when you feel hopeless, worthless, obedient to what the Bible tells us....Cry Out To Jesus.  Your answer will come, but always remember In His Time.