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Just listened to a song by Lauren Talley called Broken People. Wow how true the words of this song.  

We have met so many people as we have been honored to follow God's leading in this ministry.  When we get caught up in addiction to drugs and alcohol, all the other parts of our lives start  to unravel.  We become like dolls that are carried around and played with, eventually one of the arms falls off, we lose a button eye.  The doll many times gets thrown away because it is broken in the eyes of our parents or us.  

As people look to find the answers to the holes in their hearts many times they find themselves trapped in these addictions.  The addictions start to take over, destroy our lives piece by piece.  Destroys our health, destroys all our relationships.  Then we find ourselves being thrown to the curb, put out like trash because our families, friends etc see us as "broken."

Well the Bible teaches us that Jesus came to this earth for the broken, the woman at the well, the leper, the demon possessed Legion.  Because God doesn't see us or our lives,as broken.  He sees us that we needed a Savior, so He sent Jesus.

God sees His children made in His image.  He sees the Masterpiece He created.  He doesn't see the flaws, the cracks...He sees His children.  

I thank God for sending Jesus to put the broken pieces of my life back together.   I thank Him for being the glue that holds me together when I feel I can't go on.  

God is your Healer, your creator....Reach out, just as the woman who touched the hem of Jesus garment.  All you have to do is reach out to Him, then He comes to you in your brokenness to make you whole again.

Went to church today at Souls Harbor in Damascus.  A church that in an hour of service and a lunch afterwards showed a church with a heart.  They have the heart of God, the vision of Jesus to reach the unlovable as society sees people.  They showed such a compassionate heart for those trapped in addiction.

Last Sunday, I had the privilege to talk to a Mom who's heart was broken and torn.  She has a daughter who has been trapped in addiction for a few years.  This Mom only had a chance to talk to her daughter when the daughter was able to sneak a phone call from her boyfriends phone.  Last Sunday, the daughter got that chance to call her Mom.  Said she wanted help, said she knew she was going to die if she didn't get help.

Pastor David, from Souls Harbor followed the instructions from God and went on Monday and got this young lady at the place where she was staying and got her out to go get help.  As he shared his part of the story, you couldn't help but feel the love of God he felt for this young woman.  Her mom shared her part of this story and the relief on her face to hear of The Hope her daughter now has through her faith in Jesus to get into recovery.

The son of the young woman hugged his grandmother with such love.

See this church came together in prayer for this young lady to see her get help and to feel the hope of God for her life.  Her mother just keeps sharing with me that she knows there is a plan for her daughter, she is standing on God's promise for deliverance from drugs for her daughter.

This has been such a miracle to be a part of this week.  Thus is what DASH Ministry is all about.  Giving people hope through Jesus Christ for chains to be broken, lives to be changed for eternity.  

Never give up hope on your child, son, daughter,  spouse, friend.   Continually lift them up to God in prayer for restoration of their life, for them to give their heart to God for an eternity in Heaven.  

God is in the miracle business.

Went to church today at Bethel Baptist in Lebanon.  Pastor Jody Breeding talked about regrets.  He asked the question, "do you have regrets in your life, things you wish you hadn't done."

I think back to many of the choices that I have made in my life and have thought alot about some of them.  I was brought up in church,  we were at church every time the doors were open.  I knew what God said about divorce, I knew that my parents didn't believe in divorce.   But I hurried into my first marriage and thought I had the world by the tail.  My first marriage failed and I had to go through a divorce which I knew my parents would be disappointed about.  Do I regret the decision to get married young?  No, if I hadn't been married I wouldn't have been blessed with my daughter.

I got married the second time...again too quickly after meeting him, totally against my Dad's advice.  Seven years later. I divorced again.  Do I regret that decision?   No, if I hadn't married him and then moved to South Carolina I wouldn't have met Randy and been blessed in a Christian marriage and this ministry. 

So yes are there many things that I have done that I wished I wouldn't have done or been through.  But my choices and my decisions were part of my lifes' journey with God.  See, God knows we are going to make bad choices, make bad decisions.  He knows we are going to fail Him every day.  He knows that we will do and say things totally against His plan for our lives.  But He continues to love us unconditionally. 

But there is one choice, one decision that will be the most important one of your life.  This decision will decide your eternal destination.   Accepting Jesus as your Savior is the decision that will get you an eternity in Heaven, but the decision to deny Him will put you in a devils hell for eternity.  This is one regret you will never want to have.  I know I have never regretted that day many tears ago that I asked Jesus into my heart.

Palm Sunday. That day over 2000 years ago that Jesus began that final journey to walk down the road to Calvary.
His journey walking the earth sharing the love of His Father was coming to an end. He knew in a very short couple of days He would hang on a cross and bear my sins, bear your sins all these years later we would be guilty of. But on this day as Jesus rode in on a donkey, the crowds loved Him. They were excited to see Him.
But also in those crowds were people who hated Him, hated what who He said He was.
See really Palm Sunday isn't a whole lot different than today. No Jesus isn't physically here walking among us, but God is with us every day. Christians who believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, love Him. Yet more and more every day there are people who hate God, people who hate everything that Jesus represented.
See Jesus was here to walk this earth to tell of His Father's love, grace and forgiveness. To tell us there is a Heaven and a Hell. Now it's up to us.
So on this Palm Sunday do you feel the rejection, the persecution of people knowing that you love, worship and believe in a Father you can't see? Do you share the love of God with everyone you meet regardless of what they look like, where they have been or what they have done? Jesus did. Examine yourself this Palm Sunday. I am.

Got a friend at work that loves Michael Jackson's song, Man in the mirror.  As I laid in bed the other night I got to thinking about what we see when we look in a mirror.

If you look in the mirror, minus the makeup, the hair being done, just look at the "real"  you in the mirror.  Its amazing as I look at my reflection about the wrinkles, the gray hair, the changes from getting older it really makes me stop and think alot.  I have really never been the makeup wearing, lots of work on my hair kind of girl.  But what I see in the mirror is what God sees is a masterpiece.  God made me just the way I am.  I don't have to put on a,mask for Him, don't have to try and be something or someone I am not.  Because He sees me as I am.  

He sees the one who still sins, the one who cries,  the one who can feel discouraged and overwhelmed, he sees me let satan interfere in my life.  But God also sees my future.  He sees the life and the vision He has for my life.  But regardless of my flaws, my scars, my tears, my hurts and hang ups, He loves the real me that He created in His image.

What others see, what others think of me has no real meaning.  Don't get me wrong, I want people I meet to see Jesus in me, I want them to see what He has done for me in my life.

I guess this is why I love the song, Flawless.  See people may see my hurts, my scars, my bruises, my pain.   But the cross has made me FLAWLESS in the eyes of God.  What I see in the mirror is aging, is seeing life pass by quickly.  I see our children becoming amazing people with jobs and careers and am proud of all of them.  I see our grandchildren growing up way too fast.  But I have been blessed in this life.  I may not be the most beautiful woman in this world, but I love who God has made of this,woman I see in the mirror.